Standard 2

Educational Program And Its Effectiveness: General Requirements and Undergraduate Program

Supporting Documentation

Required Documentation:

  1. Instruments and procedures used to measure educational program effectiveness.
  2. Inventory of documents that demonstrate the appraisal of educational program outcomes. The documents are to be available on campus for examination by the evaluation committee.Examples may include:
  1. Inventory of degree programs that have been added or deleted in the last five years.
  2. Number of degrees granted in each program for the last three years.
  3. Published statements or other written rationale for the general education program

Required Exhibits:

  1. Statement of degree objectives for each degree program.
  2. Description of curriculum development bodies and advisory groups, with rules of procedure and recent minutes.
  3. Complete departmental or program self-studies prepared for part of this self-study.
  4. Evaluation forms and summary reports of student evaluations of faculty and courses.
  5. Self-study and evaluation committee reports from external reviews and the most recent professional accreditation visits and documentation of resulting actions.
  6. Criteria and procedures for admission and retention of students, maintenance of student records, and awarding of credit, including credit for prior experiential learning.
  7. Policies regarding transfer of credit, including articulation agreements with other institutions.
  8. Policies regarding remedial work.
  9. Description of the materials and forms used in the academic advisement process.
  10. Grade distribution studies.
  11. Policies governing public service.

Suggested Materials:

  1. Compilation of entering freshman student ability measures.
  2. Samples of course examinations and other instruments used to assess student achievement or competency and, when possible, available work products determined to be of different levels of quality.
  3. Funds devoted to research, if applicable, for each of the past three years; principal sources of such funds.