Standard 4


Supporting Documentation

Required Documentation

  1. Statistics available concerning faculty and administration characteristics, such as numbers of males and females, minorities, full-time and part-time faculty, years of service with the institution, degrees or levels of education, and years of other  significant service.
  2. Completed Table 1, Institutional Faculty Profile and Table 2, Number and Source Terminal Degrees of Faculty.
  3. Salary data for faculty, including compensation for special or extra responsibilities.
  4. Policy and procedures on the evaluation of faculty, both full-time and part-time.
  5. Representative examples of the institutional and public impact of faculty scholarship.
  6. Summary of the most significant artistic creation, scholarly activity, and research by faculty during the past five years.

Required Exhibits

  1. Faculty handbook, including personnel policies and procedures.
  2. Policy on Academic Freedom.
  3. Faculty committees and membership.
  4. Evaluation forms and summary reports of student evaluations of faculty and courses.
  5. Access to personnel files and current professional vitae.
  6. Criteria and procedures for employing, evaluating, and compensating faculty in special programs such as off-campus, study aboard, travel/study, non-credit, or extension credit programs.
  7. Copies of any doctrinal statements required for employment, promotion, and tenure.
  8. Policies governing the employment, orientation, and evaluation of part-time faculty and teaching fellows, if applicable.
  9. Summary reports of faculty involvement with public services/community services.
  10. Institutional policies regarding scholarship and artistic creation by faculty and students.
  11. Institutional policies regarding research activity, including sponsored research by faculty and students.
  12. Summary of the faculty role in developing and monitoring policies and practices scholarship, artistic creation, and research.

Suggested Materials

  1. Statistics on faculty retention and turnover.