Standard 6

Governance and Administration

Supporting Documentation

Required Documentation:

  1. Board and committee membership with a brief background statement on each board member, including term(s) of office and compensation (if any) for board service. Indicate which board members, if any, are employees of the institution.
  2. Organization charts or tables, both administrative and academic, including names of office holders with a notation of any changes since the last accreditation visit.

Required Exhibits:

  1. Articles of incorporation and bylaws.
  2. Board policy manual, together with the agenda and minutes of the last three years of meetings.
  3. Administrative policy manuals.
  4. Administrative position descriptions.
  5. Staff Handbook.
  6. Salary data (including ranges if applicable) and benefits for administration and staff.
  7. In multi-college systems, organization charts of central office, description of functions of central office personnel and their relationships to institutional personnel, and administrative or policy manuals of the system.
  8. Collective bargaining agreements, if any.
  9. Constitutions or bylaws of faculty and staff organizations, with minutes of meetings, for the last three years.
  10. List of currently active committees and task forces with names and on-campus phone numbers of committee or task force chairs.

Suggested Materials:

  1. Reports to constituencies, including the public.
  2. Charter or constitution of student association.