Assessment Resources

NWIC Resources

The Assessment Process at NWIC

Embedding Assessment at NWIC

Learning, Teaching, and Assessment Approaches at NWIC

Rubrics - examples and templates

Assessment in a Tribal College Context:  A Case Study of NWIC (by Anne Marie Karlberg, 2007; 381 page doctoral thesis)

Tribal College Resources

Harnessing Assessment - Pulling together, administrators, faculty, and staff can improve student learning (TribalCollege Journal article by Anne Marie Karlberg); Volume 19, Issue 4, Summer, 2008

Tribal College Journal Assessment Resource Guide: Assessment experts provide resources from the basic to the sophisticated (by Anne Marie Karlberg); Volume 19, Issue 4, Summer, 2008

AIHEC Assessment Manual (by Anne Marie Karlberg)

Other Resources

9 Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning (by Alexander W. Astin; Trudy W. Banta; K. Patricia Cross; Elaine El-Khawas; Peter T. Ewell; Pat Hutchings; Theodore J. Marchese; Kay M. McClenney; Marcia Mentkowski; Margaret A. Miller; E. Thomas Moran; Barbara D. Wright)

Assessment at Alverno College (Alverno College is a leader in the assessment of student learning; also, they offer excellent workshops)

Grades versus Assessment (by Anne Marie Karlberg)


Assessment at NWIC 2006 (presented at Haskell June 2006)

Assessment at NWIC 2007 (presented at Haskell June 2007)

Assessment at NWIC 2008 (presented at NWIC all staff meeting September 2007)

Rubrics Workshop - 1/30/09