Course Outcomes

Course, Program & NWIC Outcomes

Course Outcomes Process

Instructors are working together to create one set of outcomes for each course taught at NWIC using the procedure below.  All sections of a course – regardless of location or method of instruction –will have the same set of course outcomes. In addition, each course will reinforce several of the NWIC outcomes and possibly one or more program outcomes. Instructors are able to access the list of outcomes for each course on this website.

We hope this process will help to increase consistency, clarify standards and improve communication among faculty at NWIC. Please contact Jason Myers at or (360) 392-4274 with questions or ideas.

Procedure for creating course outcomes:
  1. Download and read carefully the following documents:
  2. Check the Course Outcomes Forms. Course outcomes have already been created for the courses with a link on the Course Outcomes Forms link. For these courses, please click on the link and review and update all the outcomes.  For each course you teach that is listed without a link, please download a blank course outcomes form. Please submit a form for all the course(s) you are currently teaching (one form per course per group). 
  3. For each of the courses you teach, work with the instructors (from all sites and all modes of learning) who teach each course to identify NWIC outcomes and course outcomes.
  4. Email one completed Course Outcomes Form as a group for each course to Jason Myers at
  5. List the NWIC outcomes and course outcomes from the Course Outcomes Form on your syllabi.
  6. Jason will review the completed form and suggest changes, if necessary. 
  7. The course outcomes will then be posted on the List of Course Outcomes Forms (above)and will be evaluated by the students during the course evaluation process.