Course Outcomes Forms

Instructors are responsible for submitting or reviewing a course outcomes form for each course they currently teach using the following process:

  1. Please find the course(s) you are currently teaching in the list below.  Contact Jason Myers ( if your course is not listed or if any corrections need to be made.
  2. Attempt to contact the instructors who teach the same course(s) you currently teach.  Please try to consult with at least one other instructor before submitting the course outcomes form. 
  3. Course outcomes have already been created for the courses with a hyperlink.  For these courses, please click on the link, save the draft form to your computer, and review and update all sections of the form.  If your course does not have a draft set of outcomes (i.e., no hyperlink), please download the blank course outcomes form.
  4. Email one completed form for each course (per group) to Jason Myers (
Course Course title
ANTH 150 Pacific Northwest Ethnobotany
ANTH 201 Physical Anthropology
ANTH 202 Cultural Anthropology
ARTD 103 Appreciation of American Indian Art
ARTD 105 A-E Studies in NW Native Art
ARTD 106 PNW Coastal Indian Art History
ARTD 115 Theory of NW Coast Native Design I
ARTD 116 Theory of NW Coast Native Design II
ARTD 146 PNW Beadwork I
ARTD 147 PNW Beadwork II
ARTD 151 PNW Indian Basketry I
ARTD 152 PNW Indian Basketry II
ARTD 153 PNW Indian Basketry III
ARTD 171 PNW Indian Woodcarving I
ARTD 172 PNW Indian Woodcarving Masks
ARTD 173 Indian Woodcarving Small Totems I
ARTD 175 Traditional Tool making
ARTD 185 Native American Drum Making
ARTD 197 Internship- NW Salish Canoe Carving
BIOL 101 Introduction to Biology
BIOL 104 Biology/Natural History of Place
BIOL 111 Finding Things Out in Life Sciences
BIOL 201 Cell Biology
BIOL 202 Plant Biology
BIOL 203 Animal Biology
BIOL 205 Animal Behavior
BIOL 210 Shellfish Biology
BIOL 242 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 245 Microbiology
BIOL 310 Ecology: The Web of Interrelatedness
BIOL 350 Ethnobiology: People, Plants, Animals
BUAD 100 Practical English for the Workplace 
BUAD 101 Introduction to Business
BUAD 108 Principles of Marketing
BUAD 115 Essentials of Accounting
BUAD 128 Supervision: Core Skills I
BUAD 135 Small Business Marketing
BUAD 146 Business Math
BUAD 202 Business Law
BUAD 211 Financial Accounting I
BUAD 212 Financial Accounting II
BUAD 235 Managerial Accounting
BUAD 315 Project Management: Vision, Action and Learning
CHEM 100 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 111 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 112 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 113 Biological Chemistry
CHEM 121 General Chemistry I
CHEM 122 General Chemistry II
CMPS 100 Computer Basics
CMPS 101 Introduction to Computers
CMPS 104 Operating Systems I
CMPS 105 Software I
CMPS 106 Introduction to Analog and Digital Electronics
CMPS 116 Microsoft Office I
CMPS 117 Microsoft Office II
CMPS 140 Networking I
CMPS 144 Networking II
CMPS 155 Introduction to Computer Applications
CMPS 160 Assembly, Maintenance and Diagnostics I
CMPS 170 Web Design I
CMPS 204 Operating Systems II
CMPS 205 Software II: Advanced Applications
CMPS 206 Intro to Micro-Controllers
CMPS 207 Robot Development
CMPS 225 Introduction to Programming
CMPS 235 Electronic Spreadsheet I
CMPS 243 Networking III
CMPS 244 Networking Infrastructure
CMPS 245 MS Exchange Server
CMPS 247 Desktop Publishing
CMPS 260 Capstone Project
CMPS 270 Hardware II
CMPS 271 A+ Exam Preparation
CMPS 297 Advanced Work Experience
COMH 101 American Indian Health Care Systems
COMH 102 Diabetes in Native Communities
COMH 122 Environmental Health, Disasters and Tribes
DRMA 101 Acting I
DRMA 102 Acting II
DRMA 103 Play Production
DRMA 210 Introduction to Cinema
ECED 100 Young Learners/Early Educators
ECED 101 Intro to Early Childhood Education
ECED 103 Practices and Plans to Support Development
ECED 104 Early Childhood Program Management
ECED 106 Guidance in Early Childhood
ECED 106A Building Relationships and Understanding Behavior
ECED 106B The Encouraging Classroom
ECED 106C Positive Guidance
ECED 107 Frameworks for Early Childhood
ECED 108 Re-Evaluation Counseling Tools
ECED 160 Infant-Toddler Caregiving
ECED 160A Supporting Healthy Social and Emotional Development
ECED 160B Encouraging Healthy Physical Development
ECED 160C Responsive Environments
ECED 197A Practicum I: Expressing Warmth to Children 
ECED 197B Practicum II: Playing Responsively
ECED 206 Building Relationships: Culture, Family, and Community
ECED 210 Early Childhood Development
ECED 212 Observation, Documentation and Assessment
ECED 213 Curriculum Development and Implementation
ECED 220 Communication, Language and Literacy
in Early Childhood
ECED 221 Health/Safety/Legal Issues
ECED 240 Science Exploration
ECED 297A Practicum III: Talking Informatively
ECED 297B Practicum IV: Initiative, Cooperation and Perseverance
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
EDUC 102 Introduction to Teaching
EDUC 110 Intro to Indian Education
EDUC 275 Design/Facilitation for Living
ENGL 095 Grammar and Punctuation
ENGL 098  Constructing the Paragraph
ENGL 099  Basic Writing
ENGL 100 Introduction to College Writing
ENGL 101 English Composition I
ENGL 102 English Composition II
ENGL 148 Introduction to Indian Legends
ENGL 155 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 156 Introduction to Poetry Writing
ENGL 201 Technical Report Writing
ENGL 236 Survey of Native Amer. Lit
ENGL 305 Technical Writing for Tribal Leaders
ENVS 105 Introduction to Environmental Science
ENVS 108 Fundamentals of Environmental Science
ENVS 201 Northwest Plants
ENVS 210 Watershed Ecology
ENVS 211 Soils
ENVS 265 GIS and Remote Sensing
ENVS 280 Environmental Studies Project
ENVS 330 Hydrology: Sacred Waters
ENVS 375 Story Telling Through Imaging
ENVS 430 Aquatic Ecology: Water Webs and Cycles
ENVS 440 Ecology of the Salish Sea
ENVS 481

Ecophysiology: Earth Webs and Cycles

GEOL 101 Introduction to Geology
GEOL 111 Finding Things Out / Earth Science
HIST 111 Pre-Contact Native American History
HIST 112 Post-Contact Native American History
HIST 120 Intro to Nez Perce History
HIST 215 Indians in the 20th Century
HIST 216 American Studies
HMDV 100 Math Anxiety Workshop
HMDV 102 Writing Anxiety Workshop
HMDV 103 Transfer Seminar
HMDV 110 Intro to Successful Learning
HMDV 112 Peer Mentoring Program
HMDV 120 Exploring Credit for Life Experiences
HMDV 121 Credit for Life Experiences
HMDV 127 Career/Life Planning
HMDV 150 Individual Degree/Cert Planning
HMDV 190 Student Council Leadership Practice
HMDV 210 Self-Imagery: Tactics Change
HMTS 109A-E Encounters/Humanities-Lit
HMTS 110 A-E Encounter in Humanities II
HMTS 201 Oral Interpretation of Literature
HUMS 107 Intro to Re-Evaluation Counseling
HUMS 115 Introduction to Grant Writing
HUMS 120 Survey of Chemical Dependency
HUMS 130 Pharmacology/Substances of Abuse
HUMS 156 Stress Management
HUMS 160 Chemical Dependency  Case Management
HUMS 170 Chemical Dependency Counseling Techniques
HUMS 180 Youth Chem Depend / Counseling
HUMS 187 Airborne/Bloodborne Pathogens
HUMS 208 Law and Ethics in Chemical Dependency
HUMS 210 Group Facilitation
HUMS 222 Ethics & Chem Depend Treatment
HUMS 223 Chemical Dependency Assessment & Treatment
HUMS 230 Chemical Dependency and Family
HUMS 240 Cross Cultural Perspectives
HUMS 260 Dual Disorders
HUMS 275 Relapse Prevention
JOUR 111 News writing
LING 160 Structure of a NW Language
LSHT 101 Lushootseed I
LSHT 102 Lushootseed I
LSHT 103 Lushootseed III
MATH 070   Basic Mathematics
MATH 085  Pre-Algebra
MATH 090  Consumer Mathematics
MATH 098  Elementary Algebra
MATH 099  Intermediate Algebra
MATH 102 College Algebra
MATH 103 Precalculus I
MATH 105 Precalculus II
MATH 107 Elementary Statistics I
MATH 124 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
MATH 151 Survey of Mathematics
MATH 187 Math Lab
MATH 190 Vocational Math
MATH 210 Biostatistics
NASD 101 Conversional Native American Language I
NASD 102 Conversional Native American Language II
NASD 103 Whulshootseed Language III
NASD 105A-C NWIC Seminar I-III
NASD 110 Intro to Native American Studies
NASD 126 Bone Game Drum and Song
NASD 131 Tribal History I
NASD 137 Regalia Making I
NASD 188 Contemporary Muckleshoot Issues
NASD 203 Whulshootseed Language Lab II
NASD 204 Conversational Native Lang III
NASD 205 Whulshootseed Language Lab III
NASD 240 Native American  Women's Studies
NESC 301 Ecology of the First People
NESC 303 NES Interdiscipllinary Seminar
NESC 305 NES Concentration Seminar
NESC 310 Native Science
NESC 499 A-B NES Project Thesis (A and B)
OFPR 100 Basic Keyboarding
OFPR 201 Keyboarding for Speed & Accuracy
PHYS 111 Finding things out in Physics
PHIL 140 Philosophies of the Natural World
PHIL 235 Survey of World Religions
POLS 110 Leadership & Group Process
POLS 112 Leadership Plenty
POLS 118 Rights of Indian Tribes
POLS 119 NA  Fisheries Treaty Rights
POLS 125 Individual Rights Justice System
POLS 225 History of Federal Indian Policy
POLS 240 Indian Policy/Tribal Self Govern
POLS 319 From the Beginning of Time: Native American Fishing Rights
PSYC 101 General Psychology
PSYC 201 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 220 Abnormal Psychology
SOCI 110 Introduction to Sociology
SPCH 105 Intro Interpersonal Communications
SPCH 120 Introduction to Public Speaking