NWIC Outcomes

NWIC has articulated six competencies in the first phase of its assessment efforts. These competencies are under continual review and updating and other competencies will be articulated as needed. Students who complete a program of study at NWIC will have a solid foundation in the areas listed below. Each of these competencies has the following specific outcomes that will be assessed throughout the students' program. Rubrics for each competency have links below.

  1. Cultural: Students will demonstrate an understanding of...
    • sense of place.
    • what it is to be a people.
  2. Written communication skills: Students will be able to...
    • write standard English.
    • write in a variety of text forms using various credible sources.
  3. Oral communication skills: Students will be able to...
    • apply effective presentation skills.
    • apply interpersonal communication skills.
  4. Computer skills: Students will be able to...
    • use word processing software for communication.
    • use spreadsheet software for communication, computation and graphic data representation.
    • use presentation software for communication.
    • use the Internet for research.
    • use E-mail for communication.
    • use electronic library resources
  5. Quantitative skills: Students will be able to...
    • propose solutions to and solve real-world problems by applying the correct numerical data.
    • use analytical and critical thinking skills to draw and interpret conclusions.
  6. Reading skills: Students will be able to...
    • comprehend readings.
    • extend their own vocabulary through reading.