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The Center for Indigenous Service Learning

Mission Statement:  The Center for Indigenous Service Learning at Northwest Indian College supports experiential learning to sustain people, communities and the natural world.

What is Indigenous Service Learning?

Service learning at Northwest Indian College is grounded on indigenous ecological knowledge that life is interconnected.  People and place are interwoven in patterns that are reciprocal, cyclical, and animated with spirit.  Human actions within these circles ripple through the center of self, family, community, nations and global systems that are embedded in the natural world.  This program fosters serving and caring for one another in these relational circles.  Indigenous Service Learning bridges curriculum and learning to meet the needs of Native people and their communities.  Curriculum, projects and programming provide experiential learning that deepens indigenous connections and cultivate the following outcomes that reflect these ways of life:

  • Demonstrate belief in spiritual knowledge of the natural world
  • Recognize responsibility for individual actions in the natural world and relational circles
  • Participate and collaborate in teams to meet relevant community needs
  • Exhibit leadership skills through service, respect, gratitude and reverence for all life
  • Acknowledge joy, self-empowerment and a sense of belonging that comes through providing service
  • Sustain and honor intergenerational relationships and knowledge through service

At Northwest Indian College the world is our classroom, and through service we are planting the seeds of change for future generations


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