Opportunities to Serve

ISL Leadership & Service Scholarships

Pending available funds students may have the opportunity to earn a leadership and service scholarship.  This scholarship is awarded to a student who has provided service and leadership through developing and implementing a relevant project within their community. Interested students must complete an application and project plan, and then interview with ISL staff.  Once approved the student is matched with a viable community partner and assigned a certain number of service hours.  When the service hours and project are completed the student earns an education award.  This is a great opportunity for students to make a difference in their communities, gain valuable civic and workforce skills, and earn a scholarship for their education.

Monthly ACT Events (Aligning Communities for Tomorrow)

The Center for Indigenous Service Learning hosts a monthly community action event at Northwest Indian College, known as ACT days (Aligning Communities for Tomorrow). ACT's objective is to get NWIC students off campus and into their community.  ACT aims to embrace the cultural significance of each season, and plan an event to encompass these values.  ACT was established to offer an opportunity for any student or community member to serve and honor their relations.  

National Days of Service

The National Days of Service include MLK Jr. Day, Earth Day, Remembrance of September 11th, and Make a Difference Day.  The Center for Indigenous Service Learning organizes service activities and educational awareness on the National Days of Service that take place during the academic school year.