Program Outcomes

NWIC faculty have articulate outcomes for programs of study at the bachelor’s, associate’s, and certificate level in consultation with content experts and stakeholders. The program outcomes listed on this web page have been approved by the NWIC Curriculum Committee.  As programs are assessed, the program outcomes are reevaluated and evolve as needed to best serve student and community needs.

Here are the tools and templates for developing lists of program outcomes, program outcome rubrics, and program curriculum maps

Approval of Program Outcomes

All program outcomes (list of outcomes) must be approved by the college and published. The NWIC Curriculum Committee approved the following process on March 11, 2010. The College president and Administrative Team reviewed and support this process.

Current Program Outcomes at NWIC

Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies Leadership

Bachelor of Arts in Community Advocates and Responsive Education (CARE) in Human Services

Bachelor of Arts in Tribal Governance and Business Management

Bachelor of Science in Native Environmental Science

Note: these documents apply to both the Environmental Science Option and the Interdisciplinary Concentration Option

Associate of Arts and Science in General Direct Transfer (DTA)

Associate of Arts and Science in Native Environmental Science

Associate of Science Transfer in Life Sciences

Associate of Applied Science Transfer in Early Childhood Education

Associate of Technical Arts in Chemical Dependency Studies

Associate of Technical Arts in Information Technology

Associate of Technical Arts in Individualized Program

Note that all certificate programs have a shared set of outcomes. Additional certificate-specific outcomes are developed as needed for each certificate.

Additional Drafts

Certificate in Computer Repair Technician