Sponsored Programs

Northwest Indian College faculty and staff are encouraged to seek grants from public and private agencies, foundations, corporations and individuals that support the Mission and Core Themes of the college. Institutional Assessment and Planning is key in determining if it is necessary or appropriate to seek external funds for research or sponsored programs.

Authorization to Pursue Funding

Employees that have evidence-based need for funding that is in alignment with the college mission and goals can submit a request to pursue funding.  Every proposal submitted for external funding to any agency or organization must receive administrative approval by the College before it is submitted.  Submit the "Authorization to Pursue Funding" form and proposal abstract to the Office of Sponsored Programs at least 3 working days prior to the agency due date for administrative review and approval. Technical assistance with writing grant proposals is available upon request. Note: request for technical assistance should be made as early as possible.  Administrative approval comes from the employee's supervisor, and from the College president.

Authorization to Pursue Funding


Barbara Roberts, Vice President for Research and Sponsored Programs, (360) 392-4326, broberts@nwic.edu

Wendy Swedelius, Grants Accountant, (360) 392-4209, wswedelius@nwic.edu

Debbi Melemai, Research and Sponsored Programs Coordinator, (360) 392-4234, dmelemai@nwic.edu