Life On Campus

At Northwest Indian College the student body is a diverse group. The average student is a 29-year-old female with at least one dependent. Our growing Athletic Program, however, is drawing increasing numbers of traditional college age students right out of high school. Over 75 percent of our students come from a federally-recognized Indian tribe and we represent over 90 different tribal nations. The Northwest Indian College proudly serves over 1,200 students annually.

Our student clubs consist of interest groups from Culture, Art, and Boarding to student leadership groups, such as Phi Theta Kappa, AISES and AIBL, which allow our students opportunity for life experiences not found in a book or in the classroom. Students have the option to work within the communities in which they learn, and give back to their people in various ways.

We are honored to serve the students, who represent their families and their tribes when they walk through our doors.

Our Campus Keeps Growing

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Fall 2015 Dean’s List

This distinction is limited to students who earn a quarterly grade point average of 3.5-3.99. 

Charnelle Abrahamson
Evelyn Agnus
Stormy Aikman
Lorna Ancheta
Tia Anderson
Talon Arbuckle
Priscilla Arthur
Jeremy Bagley
Shoshanna Bayes
Jordan Begay
Azure Boure
Rene Bracero
Matilda Brooks
Shelby Buchert
Audrey Bunton
Shilo Cano
Dorothy Cladoosby
Susan Claplanhoo
Andreya Colvin
Karlee Cooper
Benjamin Covington
Christian Cultee
Donna Dan
Valerie Dick
Jackson Ellenwood
Jefferson Emm
Bonnie Follestad
Marci Fryberg
Jessica Garcia
Gary Gault
Christina Grendon
Roberta Hall
Mary Hanna
Danika Hatch
Estabon Hayes
Autumn Heaton
Jessica Jack
Dorothea Jefferson
Francis Jefferson
Jane Jefferson
Jewell Jefferson
Anita Jimenez
Marcus Joe
Natalya Johnson
Freda Kalama
Megan Kennedy
Sonya Klippert
Jack Klushkan
Christopher Lane
Frank Lawrence
Wilma Leavitt
Kynshyla Lowe
Rachel Lugo-Moses
Melissa Martin
Ryan Miller
Deborah Monahan
Domanik Moses
Jamie Murphy
Sandra Parker
Melissa Pascal
Michael Peters
Destiny Petroske
Jessica Phair
Melanie Porterfield
Tiana Pulsifer
Charlotte Ramey
Faith Raymond
Katrina Rodriguez
Colton Romannose
Fred Scarborough
Leo Scarborough
Lea Scott
Alisha Sellars
Kristen Soy
Jeremy SpottedBear
Tashina Stahi
Angel Stewart
Benjamin Stewart
Stephan Sutterlict
Carolee Toby
Cecillia Tom
Jeramiah Wallace
Athena Wapsheli
Judy Warbus
Brenda Ward
Chelsea Wells
Paul Werth
Elizabeth White
Skyler White Temple
Letitia Whitman
Laura Wiggins
Jessica Williams
Seilavena Williams
Beth Willup
Tasha Wilson
July Woodward
Velma Wyena
Diana Yellowrobe
Catherine Youngman
Hannah Zollner

Fall 2015 President’s List

This distinction is limited to students who earn a quarterly grade point average of 4.0. 

Richard Auguston
Donna Azure
Eve Blake
Mandy Bollinger
Romeo Brown
Jamie Bryk
Kira Butler
Ray Charles
Lisa Cook
Sheila Cooper
Lewis Coulliette
Rhea Cree
Lindsey Crofoot
Kiyana Ellenwood
Thomas Fantasia
Conan Goebel
Brenda Guerrero
Zachary Harris
Marci Hensley
Valerie Herda
Amy Irons
Janelle Johnson
Helen KickingWoman
Coreen LaClair
Bobby Lind
Susan Martin
Melvin Miles
David Miramontez
Maureen Moran
Brandon Morris
Melissa Naeimi
Jolene Nagy
Caroline Penney
Monica Revey
Shayna Reynolds
Celine Smith-Jolibois
Julie Solomon
Corinna Stasso
Melissa Streun
Victoria Strombeck
Molly Swanson
Kanium Ventura
Candice Wilson