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Photo of Rachel Arnold
Rachel Arnold Faculty, Native Environmental Science Faculty
Work Phone: (360) 392-4276
Photo of Dr. Sylvie Arques
Dr. Sylvie Arques Faculty – Native Environmental Science, Geographic Information Systems Faculty
Photo of Timothy Ballew Sr.
Timothy Ballew Sr. Faculty – Native Environmental Science (Part Time) Faculty
Work Phone: (360) 392-4319
Photo of Brian Compton
Brian Compton Faculty – Native Environmental Science Faculty
Work Phone: (360) 392-4321
Photo of Nathanael Davis
Nathanael Davis Faculty – FYE/Natural Science Faculty
Work Phone: (360) 392-4271
Photo of Tanisha Gobert
Tanisha Gobert Faculty – Native Environmental Science Northwest Indian CollegeFaculty
Work Phone: (360) 255-4435
Photo of Rosa Hunter
Rosa Hunter NICMERE Staff Researcher NICMERE
Work Phone: (360) 255-4419
Photo of Lynda Jensen
Lynda Jensen Testing Center Coordinator / Science Writing Mentor / English Faculty Student Services / Faculty
Work Phone: (360) 392-4303
Photo of Emma Norman
Emma Norman Native Environmental Science, Department Chair Administration
Work Phone: (360) 392-4309
Photo of Julia Orloff
Julia Orloff Science / Career Advisor Advising
Work Phone: (360) 392-4256
Photo of Misty Peacock
Misty Peacock Director– Salish Sea Research Center Administration
Work Phone: (360) 594-4082
Photo of Megg Pedlow
Megg Pedlow STEM Grant Administrator Administration
Work Phone: (360) 392-4231
Photo of Maggie Picard
Maggie Picard Faculty- Native Environmental Science Faculty
Work Phone: (208) 621-4646
Photo of Terri Plake
Terri Plake Faculty – Earth Sciences (Part-time) Faculty
Work Phone: (360) 392-4258
Photo of John Rombold
John Rombold Faculty – Native Environmental Science Faculty
Work Phone: (360) 392-4322
No Photo Available
Renae Stanley LEO Hub Coordinator Native Environmental Science
Photo of Jessica Urbanec
Jessica Urbanec Native Enviornmental Science Lab Manager & Field Support Staff
Work Phone: (360) 392-4327
No Photo Available
Victoria Walsey Faculty, Native Environmental Science
Photo of Beth Willup
Beth Willup Post-Baccalaureate Researcher Northwest Indian CollegeStaff
Work Fax: (360) 255-4435
Photo of Aissa Yazzie
Aissa Yazzie Faculty, Native Environmental Science