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The Indigenous Service Learning Center and Student Activities invite you to our…
Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service!
When: Tuesday, January 17th, starting at 9:30 am
Where: Log Building, NWIC Lummi Campus

The day will consist of two film showings, discussion, reflections and group work. 

The morning film “A Good Day to Die” highlights the activism and life of Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement. The documentary gives great perspective on the Native American role during such a pivotal era in history. It displays how Natives were very active in the movement and just gives testament to the many faces and efforts of marginalized groups during such a time. It attests to the continuation and endurance of Native resiliency.

The afternoon screening will be of the documentary “Home of the Brave.” The story tells the narrative of a young woman who stood in solidarity with blacks and other marginalized groups, and happened to be the only (recorded) white woman murdered during the Civil Rights Movement. Her murderers went acquitted and she received no justice. This film is important to show because it highlights intersecting alliances. Only through our shared beliefs and alliances, can change and progression be achieved. And as a Native institution who houses many of our non-Native alliances, it is important to show the value in those relationships, and to fuel and strengthen them.

Following the films, we’ll have open dialogue reflecting on the documentaries while engaging in conversations about Civil Rights, solidarity, intersectionality, political mobilization, and past, and present acts of Indigenous resurgence & resistance. Come share perspective and meaningful dialogue with us!


Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service


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MLK Day of Service

Posted on09 Jan 2017
The Indigenous Service Learning Center and Student Activities invite you to our Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service. When: Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 9:30am...
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What is Indigenous Service Learning?

Indigenous Service Learning (ISL) at Northwest Indian College promotes experiential learning to sustain the connections of people, place, and the natural world. It is grounded on indigenous ecological knowledge that life is interconnected.  People and place are interwoven in patterns that are reciprocal, cyclical, and animated with spirit. This program fosters serving and caring for one another in these relational circles.

Indigenous Service Learning combines curriculum with hands-on, experiential learning that meets the needs of Native peoples and their communities and deepens indigenous connections, while building leaders for the next generation.

At Northwest Indian College the world is our classroom and through service we are planting the seeds of change.

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Ane Berrett

Director of Service Learning 

Phone: 360-392-4213


Patrisha Lane

AmeriCorps VISTA Traditional Foods Access Coordinator  

Phone: 360-392-4434