Distance Learning at the Library

Library Services to Distance Learning Students and Faculty

Distance learning students and faculty have access to the same services as those at the Lummi Campus. Students’ enrollment and addresses will be verified with the Registrar.

Library Collections:

Requests for library materials may be made via email, phone, fax, or postal service.

The library will mail items from the circulating collections to library patrons. The library will include a return address label and a return postage label to facilitate the return of materials.

If appropriate, the library will copy and email, fax, or mail portions of larger works or reference materials.

In some cases non-circulating materials such as reference works or faculty reserve materials will be sent to a site for on-site use only.

Electronic Collections:

The library subscribes to a number of databases and electronic books. Contact the library for a list of logins and passwords.

Interlibrary Loan:

It may be possible to borrow from another library items that the Lummi Library does not own. Contact the library for details.

Reference Help:

If asked, the library can help find facts or locate resources.

Local Public Libraries:

All of the distance learning sites are in areas served by public libraries. In most cases proof of identity and address are necessary to register. It may be easier to get general and basic materials from a local public library than from the Lummi Library.

Contact the Library