The journey of the healing totem pole

Feb. 3 at noon at Northwest Indian College

photo by Deshaun Williams
Just four months ago, the healing totem pole, carved by master carver Jewell Praying Wolf James, began a cross-country journey at the historic Lummi village site of Semiahmiah, also known as Semiahmoo.

James, a member of the House of Tears Carvers of the Lummi Indian Nation, drove the totem pole by truck across the United States. During its journey, the totem pole received tribal blessings on reservations in 13 states.

Today, the healing totem pole – carved with stories of healing, hope and knowledge – stands at the National Library of Medicine just outside of Washington, D.C., in Bethesda, Maryland.

On Feb. 3, James and fellow travelers, Talia London and Kiya Gorman will share the story of the healing totem journey at Northwest Indian College (NWIC). The event is free, open to everyone and will take place at noon in the Log Building. It will include a welcoming from NWIC President Cheryl Crazy Bull and free lunch.

“Hearing the story of this journey is really exciting because it is a representation of Lummi culture being shared with the world,” said Victoria Retasket, student activities and leadership coordinator. “I’m excited to hear about the experiences of the folks who were involved in this event. I hope everyone is able to attend this presentation.”