NWIC department establishes committee to guide work

by Gail Julius, NWIC Traditional Plants & Foods Program Assistant

Northwest Indian College’s Cooperative Extension Office currently has three community education programs that serve the Lummi Community: Cultural Arts, Financial Literacy and Traditional Plants & Foods.

The department recently decided to form the Lummi Wellness Committee (the name may change after first meeting), which will guide the work of the department in the Lummi Community. Each member will provide new insight and fresh ideas that will allow the department to better meet the needs of the community.

Committee members were invited to join the group based on their knowledge and commitment to the Lummi Community and their familiarity with the families or students the department serves. The invitation was created by Edna Jefferson and Sunny Guillory.

Those involved range from the young to our respected elders, have different backgrounds and experiences and have a variety of views and cultures. 

Committee members are:
Ruth Solomon: Continuing Education/Conference Coordinator
Sunny Guillory: Financial Literacy Coordinator
Edna Jefferson: Financial Literacy Trainer
Vanessa Cooper: Lummi Traditional Plants Program Coordinator
Gail Julius: Lummi Traditional Plants Program Assistant
Tami Chock: Community Outreach Programs Coordinator
Ruth Solomon: Lummi Respected Elder
Ernestine Gensaw: Lummi Respected Elder and Traditional Plants & Food Program participant/family
Althea Wilson: Lummi Member and Traditional Plants & Food Program participant/family
Thomas George: Lummi Member and Youth Representative
Laura Porter (reserve): Lummi Community Member
Juanita Jefferson: Lummi Respected Elder
Cristie James: Lummi Member and Traditional Plants & Food Program participant/family
Lexie Tom: Lummi Community Member
Darren Phair: Lummi Community Member
Lora Boome-Heaton: Women’s Wellness Project Coordinator

The committee is expected to meet once a quarter in 2013: January, April, July and October. Its first meeting was January 10, 2013. The committee’s first meeting was successful and a provided a good insight into ways the group can reach out to our Lummi Community effectively and efficiently.

Matt Warbus suggested the name for the committee be changed to Lhaolh “We Are Well.” That beautifully reflects what this committee is about.

We believe that through our continued efforts, we will succeed in our venture into wellness and will begin to see what “wellness” means to each person.

For more information, contact Sunny Guillory at sguillory@nwic.edu, Edna Jefferson at ejefferson@nwic.edu, Ruth Solomon at rsolomon@nwic.edu, Vanessa Cooper at vcooper@nwic.edu, Gail Julius at gjulius@nwic.edu, Tami Chock at tchock@nwic.edu or by calling (360) 676-2772.