NWIC student poem wins national recognition

“We Are Red and Vibrant,” a poem by Northwest Indian College student Desiree Pulido, received an honorable mention in the Tribal College Journal’s recent student writing contest. The poem will appear in the August edition of the Journal and on its website.

Pulido, Nooksack, wrote the poem for a class presentation, for which each student was to creatively tell the story of his or her journey to college and who and where they are.

In the poem, Polido uses the endurance, life and image of a red sunflower to portray Native people and more specifically, her family and herself. This is a comparison she makes both thoughtfully and beautifully.

Below is a preview of the poem. For the full version, look in the August edition of the Tribal College Journal or visit www.NWIC.edu.

“Hand in hand, petal in petal   
We encircle our seedlings  
Embed values deep in their lives 
As we embrace one another close 
They learn, grow and mature together

“Our roots are strong and intertwined 
Our sturdy stocks will not wither 
The harshest of winds may set us back
Yet we still stand, we stand tall 
Deep Red vibrant swaying Sun Flower”

Pulido is a student in Northwest Indian College’s Bachelor of Art in Tribal Governance and Business Management program. Her honor was announced in March at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium Conference.