NWIC students Idle No More

On March 20, Northwest Indian College’s Indigenous Service Learning Office hosted a march to support the international movement Idle No More, which arose in Canada due to legislative abuses of indigenous treaty rights and has spread to indigenous communities across the world.

“I thought it was extremely important that people understand that this is a global movement and people all over the world were gathering together in ceremony and resurgence on March 20, 2013,” said NWIC student Michelle Kernak, who coordinated the event. 

Thirty people showed up for the march, some brought drums and sang songs as the group walked to the end of Kwina Road.

“The walk was successful in that it helped people in the community and on campus understand what is happening to our neighbors to the north,” Kernak said. “I think many of the people that were either a part of this walk or who saw it told their family members or others in their community and social circles what they experienced.”