Nez Perce Campus

Northwest Indian College is an important part of the Nez Perce community. The College offers a variety of educational programs to meet academic, vocational and cultural needs. The NWIC Extended Campus brings those programs conveniently into the community.

At NWIC-Nez Perce, students are encouraged to develop themselves and discover ways to contribute to their communities and families. They learn ways to understand and support the goals of the Nez Perce tribe, especially in the areas of self-governance, as well as social and economic well-being.

Degree Programs Offered at Nez Perce:

Bachelor of Arts in Tribal Governance & Business Management

Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies Leadership

Bachelor of Science in Native Environmental Science

Associate of Arts in General Direct Transfer

Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education


Angela Picard, Nez Perce Site Manager

Lapwai Distance Learning Center
PO BOX 365
302 A Street
Lapwai, Idaho. 83540

(208) 621-4605
(208) 843-7366 FAX

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Thomas Backman, PhD, Science Faculty

Kamiah Distance Learning Center
4th & Idaho Street, Kamiah, ID
(Located in the back of the Wa A’Yas Community Building)

(208) 621-3625
(208)935-4126 FAX



Laura Conner, Instructional Technician

Lapwai and Kamiah sites

(208) 621-4685

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Nez Perce Tribal Resource & Distance Learning Center

PO Box 365
1-16 Veteran Dr (shipping)
Lapwai ID 83540