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If you haven't been to the Virtual Library before, here's a quick tour to help you find your way.


Here are the answers to questions we get asked most often. 

Ask the Virtual Librarian

Do you need help finding something in the Virtual Library or on the Internet?  Use the link to the left to email your question to the Virtual Librarian and we'll get back to you by email as soon as we can.  Don't forget to let us know how to contact you with the answer.

Search the Internet:

If you can't find what you were looking for in the AIHEC Virtual Library, it's time to try the internet. If you aren't sure how to search the Internet try one of the following tutorials:

Choose a Search Engine or Index

Google - Mostly a search engine.  Accurate and very fast, especially for web pages that have other links to them.  For today's news, try one of the search engines below.
Yahoo!- Mostly an index, but also searches web pages.  Useful if you are looking for a site you know is on the web.
AltaVista - Mostly a search engine.  Good for finding web pages as opposed to web sites.  Also good for finding images, sound files, and video files.
Northern Light - This search engine groups similar web pages that it finds into folders, which can help you weed out pages you are not looking for. A librarian's index to the internet. A natural language search engine that doesn't require Boolean searching.

How to use Athena Catalog:

You may search by title, author, subject or do a keyword search.

When titles come up, click on them for summaries and/or subject headings. Anything underlined on this page can be clicked on and the catalog will search a new topic.

There is a button available to return to the previous page.

If you need help, contact a librarian at 360-676-2772 (Extentions are below). Long distance number 1-877-676-2772. Or e-mail The Library Staff.

Valerie McBeth   Ext.  4214
Virginia Penso Ext.  4218
Nancy James  Ext. 4298 


Athena Online Catalog

The Athena Catalog is an online version of what the old card catalog was.
It has all of the books and videos that the Lummi Library has available to its patrons.


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