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If you have explored the Lummi Library Webpage at you have found that there are dozens of links to websites with full-text resources. This was done partly because of all of the off campus students that NWIC has.

The Lummi Campus Library does allow off campus students to borrow books, magazines, and most videos. These items may be borrowed for a three week period. You have to supply proof of your current address by faxing an enlarged photocopy of your ID or an envelope with your current address on it. Faxes go to Lummi Library 360-733-3385. Be sure to include a phone contact number in case there are questions.

We will mail items to you at our expense but you are responsible for returns. If you are at a site when a person from the Lummi Campus comes to visit you can ask if they will return your book for you BUT make sure they sign a receipt and that you contact Valerie McBeth and let the library know you have done this. The materials may be found on the Athena Catalog. The library does not have copies of the textbooks used in class. Occasionally we have reserve copies of additional materials and can photocopy some of the material for you free of charge. This service is limited to ten pages at a time. The library needs the Name of the book, the author and the call number.

If there are reference books that you need information from, the library staff will photocopy information and fax or mail it to you, free of charge. This service is limited to a ten-page limit at any one time.

Electronic databases will be found on the library Webpage. You will need user ID's and passwords for most of these databases. Contact the library at 360-392-4204 or 360-392-4204 or 360-392-4214 to obtain them.

You can contact the librarian for any information you may need.


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Last Modified: July 30, 2008


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