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Geography (physical and human) - CULTUREGRAMS
Includes general geography plus photos, recipes and famous people entry's.

Online edition:

Call librarians for user ID and password - (long distance) 360-877-676-2772 Ext. 4204 or (local) - 392-4214



Legal information:

More American Indian Law Resources:


Literature: Full-text resources
Click on Harvard Classics, Shakespeare, Grey's Anatomy or other logos that contain full-text books.

Maps: The Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas @ Austin

Website Search Engines and Indexes:

Google - Mostly a search engine. Accurate and very fast, especially for web pages that have other links to them. For today's news, try one of the search engines below.
Yahoo!- Mostly an index, but also searches web pages. Useful if you are looking for a site you know is on the web.
AltaVista - Mostly a search engine. Good for finding web pages as opposed to web sites. Also good for finding images, sound files, and video files. A librarian's index to the internet. A natural language search engine that doesn't require Boolean searching.


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