23 Apr 2015

NWIC Study Circle Club Activities

The NWIC Study Circle was established during the Winter Quarter 2012 as the first active student group here at the Nisqually campus. Students decided to create a group solely to support and uplift one another while working toward completing their Associate Degree here at Nisqually. Students not only formed weekly study sessions, they also conducted their first fundraiser to support future activities that would help Elders and tribal members as well as support weekly study sessions. We are looking forward to continuing to give back to the community in positive and productive ways! Congratulations to the following for significantly contributing to the well being of the Nisqually campus and your peers and by actively engaging in NWIC student leadership activities: (In alphabetical order): Patricia Allen, Melodee Aviles-Ituro, Grace Byrd, Jeremy BadOldman, Gary Gault, Angelica Villegas, Naiomie Wilkins.