13 May 2015

Sacred Little Ones Initiative Recognized by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

In 2011, Northwest Indian College was one of four Tribal Colleges and Universities that received the “Wakanyeja ‘Sacred Little Ones’ Tribal College Readiness and Success by Third Grade” grant.  The initiative focuses on strengthening early childhood education with Native families and communities.  The purpose of the project is to create innovative, tribally-based activities and solutions that improve early childhood education for Native children and empower families and communities to act as agents of positive change for their children.

Four years later, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation has identified the Sacred Little Ones Early Childhood Education Initiative as an exemplary funded program.  They are in the process of producing a film about racial equity in education, featuring the Sacred Little Ones project and Northwest Indian College’s very own Shelley Macy, Sacred Little Ones Principal Investigator and Project Co-Director.  The following is a link to the “All Children Must Thrive” movie that played at the America Healing conference:

For more information about Northwest Indian College’s Sacred Little Ones Early Childhood Education Initiative, go to: https://sacredlittleones-nwic.org/