2 Sep 2015

Community Garden at Little Bear Creek Elder’s Center

A Community Garden was planted at Little Bear Creek Elders Center in the spring of 2005. Service Learning Students from NASD 110 Intro to Native American Studies and PSYC 201 Developmental Psychology joined forces to make it come to fruition. Reintroducing to the community the practice of gardening for healthy living is a major goal. All excess vegetables will be donated to the Reservation food bank, the entire community will benefit! NASD 110 Learning objectives address historical and contemporary events that influence current conditions for American Indians. This project allows students to examine policies that impact poverty on the reservation, while providing the opportunity to serve, incorporating a practical and sensible solution to part of the problem. PSYC 201 learning objectives address human development throughout the lifespan. The garden provides students the opportunity to interact with Elders thereby understanding the developmental stages in life.