3 Sep 2015

Leadership Unity Training Program

Students at NWIC participated in Leadership Unity Class was held Fall Quarter 2005. Political Science 112 for 3 credits

Instructors: Michelle J. Vendiola & Michael Vendiola

What is Leadership Unity?

Leadership Unity embraces the belief that there is no lack of leadership in our communities – rather there is a lack of opportunity for people from different backgrounds to work together to tackle tough issues. The Leadership Unity Training Program is a tool to mobilize a change in mindset from one of leadership lack to one of leadership plenty. It’s about looking for leadership in different places.


There is no age limit for leadership. All people can develop their leadership skills. The class was made up of:

  • Budding youth leaders
  • Local elders
  • College students looking to mobilize their campuses
  • Community volunteers, looking to mobilize their neighborhoods around important issues

Participants ran through nine modules and a practicum, including:

  • Finding Leaders Within
  • Identifying Community Assets
  • Managing Groups for Results
  • Making Meetings Work Better
  • Managing Conflict
  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • Moving from Talk to Action
  • Valuing Evaluation
  • Communicating for Change
  • Practicum: Facing the Challenge of Racism and Race Relations