3 Sep 2015

Lummi CEDAR and WWU Mural Project

This mural was a collaborative project between the Lummi Cedar Project (Community Partner) Tami Chock. NWIC’s Art History Class taught by Ramon Murillo and WWU’s Art History Class taught by Julia Sapien Both are the (Instructional component of the project).

This project was a group effort brought together by the Centers for Service Learning at Northwest Indian College and at Western Washington University. The project was meant to foster a sense of cultural understand between Lummi and Bellingham and to build bridges and break barriers, as well as work to end some stereotypes that exist. The artwork will find its permanent home at the Lummi Youth/Teen Center.

The artwork depicted represents thoughts, ideas and heartfelt dialogues and discussions that the Lummi Cedar Project hosted and invited Elders and other members of the community to participate in. Lummi really opened up their homes to allow the students to enter and be able to complete this work!