2 Mar 2016

Northwest Indian College is invited to participate in the AICF Tribal College & University Early Childhood Education Initiative: Restorative Teachings.


Northwest Indian College has been invited to participate in a new American Indian College Fund Tribal College & University Early Childhood Education Initiative entitled, Restorative Teachings.  Restorative Teachings focuses on strengthening systems of care and learning for Native children and families served by TCUs.  This is a two year initiative building upon the success of the Wakanyeja (Sacred Little Ones) and K’é (Family Engagement) initiatives.

NWIC’s Early Childhood Education degree program will partner with the Cooperative Extension and Early Learning Center to work toward achieving the following program goals:

  1. Develop Native-based language and culture-based curriculum and assessments – particularly focused on increasing whole child health and wellness, and increasing opportunities for Native families to achieve economic security
  2. Increase teacher knowledge on family engagement, health disparities and economic security
  3. Develop and sustain family engagement, focusing on health and wellness, educational attainment and advocacy
  4. Implement ECE best practices aligned with early learning guidelines to ensure whole-child developmental outcomes, particularly focused on health and wellness and secure families
  5. Support systems and pathways from birth-to-career as a contributing factor toward racial equity, health and wellness, and economic security for Native families and communities

We are very grateful for and excited about this new endeavor, and would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped to secure this grant.