8 Dec 2016

NWIC Informational Literacy and Critical Thinking Students share their research and findings around the issues impacting tribal communities fight to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline


‘There is a saying, “For every action, there’s a reaction.” Everything that we do in life has a consequence, whether we like it or not. That’s just how it goes, and you’ll never please everyone. But, if there’s a problem and one clear and logical solution, then you should use the solution to solve the problem. Do not let the problem get bigger, and sit there helplessly. Do something and work to make the results that you’re seeking come to reality. As humans, we face so many things in life; it’s what we do about them that help define who we are. Temptation and greed will be the downfall of mankind….’

To Read the Full Story: Protecting Our Future -Standing Against the Dakota Access Pipeline

bfj-capture  dapl-map-full

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(Bakken Formation) – Molly Quinn, mollyq@spokesman.com & US Bureau of Land Management

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