20 Dec 2017

The Northwest Indian College Early Learning Center Attains High Quality Rating from State’s Early Achievers Program


The Northwest Indian College Early Learning Center (ELC) successfully completed its on-site assessment with Washington State Department of Early Learning’s Early Achievers program. The ELC achieved a level three rating: Demonstrating High Quality. This rating demonstrates the center’s commitment to exceed the state minimum licensing standards and to continuously seek ways to improve practices that benefit children, families, and staff.


In order to become a rated center, the ELC spent two years of program improvement, during which they were in the first two tiers of the rating process spending time doing quality improvement. During this time, the ELC Director worked closely with Early Achievers to complete required training, planning, and program assessment. The ELC director also worked closely with NWIC’s early childhood education program to set and evaluate staff educational goals. After this, the ELC received approval to enter the rating readiness stage, allowing the program to enter to become an officially rated program by Early Acheivers.


For more information about the Early Learning Center, please visit: https://www.nwic.edu/life-on-campus/early-learning-center/


To learn more about Early Achievers, please visit: https://del.wa.gov/aboutearlyachieversfamilies