6 Mar 2018

Lawrence Solomon Shares Song and Dance with ELC

Fingers wrapped tightly

Crossed laces

Skin pulled taut

By firelight or heat

Echo now


Hearts, Ancestors, Lives

Give sound to movement

Always forward

Never forgotten

With us, in us

Who we are

Who we will be



Of those who came before

For those who come after

Each wanting more

For the next


Feet moving


Remembered, new, to come

Fingers wrapped tightly

Crossed laces

Imparting wisdom

Gifting hope

The drum, the song, the dance



Lawrence Solomon of the Blackhawk Singers made a special visit to the Northwest Indian College’s Early Learning Center to share his gifts with the children and staff. Mr. Solomon’s visit came during our celebration of traditional songs week to enhance our classroom learning and hands on experience.  Children had the opportunity to listen and participate in the traditional song and dance.

Mr. Solomon brought his hand drum and the children played our classroom drums and clappers, provided by the Restorative Teachings Early Childhood Education Initiative. The children were also encouraged to dance.  Each child had a chance to try out Mr. Solomon’s drum and ask questions. Early Learning Center staff and children from the Infant room, toddler room, preschool room, kitchen and office participated in this multigenerational event.











Poem, article, and photos courtesy of Rachel Goodman, Colville Descendant, Lead Preschool Teacher