7 Mar 2018

NWIC TRiO-SSS trip to Civic Leadership Conference by WSTA

Washington State TRIO Association presented this year’s 2018 Civic Leadership Conference at Wenatchee Valley College on Friday, March 2nd. The title of the conference was Engage! Your Voice in Leadership.

Six students of our TRiO Student Support Service represented Northwest Indian College at this year’s conference. Four students represented the Lummi Campus, one student from Swinomish campus, and one student from the Tulalip campus. They were able to attend workshops with TRiO alumni and representatives.

Key note speaker Jordan Chaney shared his heart wrenching story from his childhood to his present life.  Most recently, he created Urban Poets Society, a youth-leadership program that promotes arts, literacy, and leadership in his community. He currently teaches a performance poetry and communications class at a local Juvenile Detention Center, where he helps youth find their voice through the power of poetry. To learn about Mr. Chaney please click here.

Our students not only got to attend the conference but we also had a chance to have a pit stop in Leavenworth, Washington to enjoy some sightseeing, food and fondue.

NWIC TRiO-SSS would like to thank the students for engaging themselves at this year’s WSTA Civic Leadership Conference.  We would also like to thank Northwest Indian College for the support and encouragement of these students.

If you would like to join TRiO, current NWIC students may access our application through their JICS account, clicking on academics, and scrolling down through the forms to find TRiO application.