17 May 2018



  • Students must qualify for resident-rate tuition
    • A resident student is someone who is an enrolled member of a federally recognized Tribe or Alaska Native Corporation, a biological child of an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. DOCUMENTATION must be provided to enroll as a resident student. Contact admissions (360-392-4269  admissions@nwic.edu) for specific instructions.
  • For class selections, please see our class schedule. Tuition-free classes are noted as being “excluded from tuition”. Please note tuition applies to all unmarked classes.
  • For any other questions or information, please contact
  • admissions at:

To apply:

Important Dates:

Summer Quarter Begins: June 25th
Registration: May 14th to June 22nd
Fall Quarter Begins: September 17th
Registration: May 14th to September 14th

Full academic calendar available here


PDF of Flyer: 



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