Academic Publications

Current List of Academic Publications by NWIC Faculty and Staff (under development):

Border Flows:  A Century of the Canadian-American Water Relationship by Emma S. Norman and Alice Cohen.

Collective Work and Inquiry: Transforming Early Childhood Education from within Native Communities by Tarajean Yazzie-Mintz, Nahrin Aziz-Parsons, Danielle R. Lansing, Yuliya Manyakina, and R. Cyndi Pyatskowit

Connecting Educational Communities to Engage in Collective Inquiry: Creating Professional Learning Communities as Sites of Action Research by Nahrin Aziz-Parsons

Our Precious Babies:  What Our Children Can Show Us About Supporting Them and One Another in Early Learning Settings by Shelley Macy, M.A.

Relationality and Student Engagement:  Connecting Teaching and Learning at a Tribal College by Brian D. Compton, Ph.D.,  Ted Williams, M.S., M.A., and Cheryl Crazy Bull, M.A.

The Shifting Geopolitics of Water in the Anthropocene by Afton Clarke-Sather, Britt Crow-Miller, Jeffrey M. Banister, Kimberley Anh Thomas, Emma S. Norman, and Scott R. Stephenson.

Standing Up for Inherent Rights:  The Role of Indigenous-Led Activism in Protecting Sacred Waters and Ways of Life by Emma. S. Norman, Ph.D.

The Status of Marine Biodiversity in the Eastern Central Atlantic (West and Central Africa) by … Rachel Arnold, et al …

Taking the Frog’s Eye View: How Place-Based Education and Talking Circles Foster Student Retention, Academic Achievement, and Life-Long Learning” by Emma Norman, Ph.D.

Water Policy and Governance in Canada by Emma S. Norman and Karen Bakker.

Other books and articles by Emma Norman, Ph.D., can be viewed here.


Other Publications:

POSTER_algebra_at_NWIC_students by Zachariah Bunton (Lummi), Cassandra Cook, and Jamielee Kamkoff (Lummi). Edited by NWIC faculty members: Matteo Tamburini and Nathanael Davis.