Rita Asgeirsson
Faculty in Native Science and History of Federal Indian Policy
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LocationFive Town
Current WorkRita is currently pursuing a Master’s of Arts degree in Geography
Past WorkAs part of her studies at NWIC, Rita analyzed the complexities of land and water management relating to salmon, an integral cultural food source of her community, and developed a plan to help her tribe regain the legal rights to manage their homeland and its resources vital to their survival.
Specialist InFaculty in Native Science and History of Federal Indian Policy


Rita Asgeirsson is a proud 2012 honors graduate of Northwest Indian College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Native Environmental Science. Rita was raised in a rural Alaskan village of 600 people on the Yukon Delta. She is Yup'ik Eskimo, and the eldest of nine children and a mother of one daughter. She remains connected to her home community and culture, returning home each year to prepare and store traditional foods such as salmon, seals, birds and whales.