Alumni Comments

Alumni Comments

This feedback was gathered in the Alumni Survey. The themes, represented by the quotes below, were expressed by many students.

My most positive experience…

  • was meeting all Indians of the college, [the] local area and having the opportunity of meeting other Natives during my travels to various meetings, workshops and conferences. Just to know that life offers great people to last a lifetime. Also to be a leader in the school chapter of AIBL.
  • was the friendships with fellow students and college staff & faculty. These people gave me inspiration to attend and complete college.
  • occurred at the realization of personal empowerment through the process of reclaiming cultural identity

The most important thing I learned was…

  • the unique cultural aspects and needs of Native American children in school settings. Prior to my experiences through NWIC, the Native community was virtually invisible to me. I gained valuable insight to which I would not have otherwise been exposed.
  • to be more confident in myself and to approach issues with a more global view.
  • education is a key that opens up the door to more choices. Without it you’re limited. Education increases your value in the workplace, and your community. Education equips you to better serve others.
  • that I really was not to old to accomplish my educational goals.

How did NWIC prepare you for work or further education?

  • The small class sizes really made me zero in on learning. Some of the papers I wrote at NWIC were well respected by Fairhaven College staff at WWU
  • I made it through not only 3 years of college and 2 degrees, but I was hired at a higher position just out of college. I believe [that was] because of the education [at NWIC].