Quarterly Outcomes Assessment Tools

This webpage provides downloadable instructions and tools for instructors to use to perform the quarterly outcomes assessment for Spring quarter of 2018. All of the courses that are listed in any of the NWIC programs of study or award of completion are to assessed. Instructors who teach any of these courses are to assess all of the approved course outcomes using the tools provided on this webpage.

As described in the instructions, there are three assessment points during the quarter. Assessment reports are to be emailed at each of the the three assessment points to aaa@nwic.edu

  • Assessment point 1: Assessment-ready – submit by end of 3rd week – Friday, April 20, 2018
  • Assessment point 2: Mid-quarter assessment – submit bt end of 7th week –  Friday, May 18, 2018
  • Assessment point 3: Final assessment – submit no later than Monday, June 18, 2018

Please use the following downloadable files to perform the quarterly outcomes assessment: .

  • Instructions and list of questions for quarterly outcomes assessment – provides the questions to answer at the three assessment points during the quarter. You can use this Word file to fill in your responses and email to aaa@nwic.edu.
  • Quarterly outcomes assessment matrix template – a word table (matrix) that you can use to respond to the questions at each of the assessment points. It is important that you keep a copy of your matrix at each assessment point so that you can add to it at the next assessment point.At assessment point 3 all columns in the matrix are to be filled in.
  • List of faculty and the classes they are to assess Spring quarter 2018 – This list is sorted by the faculty member’s last name. Use this file to identify which courses and sections you are to assess. Note that you can combine different sections of the same course that you teach in a single report, such as an AH section and an VCH section or an A and B section, if it is appropriate.
  • List of all courses that are required as part of any program of study – this is a complete listing of all the courses that are program requirements and which programs require each course.
  • Approved Course Outcomes Webpage  – The course outcomes to be listed in the first column of the matrix should be cut and pasted from your class syllabus. Refer to the approved course outcomes webpage if you need to retrieve the approved course outcomes. Note that the course outcomes listed on your syllabus must be identical to those listed on the approved course outcomes webpage.

If you have any questions about how to assess your courses, please contact the appropriate department chair or program lead. If you have technical questions about the assessment forms or process, please email aaa@nwic.edu

Department chairs and two-year program coordinators:
– Native Studies Leadership – Lexie Tom at ltom@nwic.edu
– CARE in Human Services – Greg Mahle at gmahle@nwic.edu
– Tribal Governance and Business Management – Laural Ballew at lballew@nwic.edu
– Native Environmental Science – Emma Norman at enorman@nwic.edu
– General Education and Two-year programs – Rudy Vendiola at rvendiola@nwic.edu

Website last updated 4-17-2018