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Message from the Dean of Student Life

Thank you for choosing Northwest Indian College!

At Northwest Indian College, we not only offer quality learning at an affordable cost but also the skills to achieve a balanced education through our philosophy of promoting Indigenous self-determination and knowledge. It is this philosophy that lends to our daily practices and dedication to student success.

Our student-oriented approach is evident in all we do: classroom learning, extra and co-curricular experiences, internships, research, and community outreach. Our investment in students is reflected in our graduates who are leaders in their fields and highly prized by employers. Student success is our highest priority.

As a student at Northwest Indian College, it is important that you understand you are a part of our family and that the Center for Student Success will make our best efforts to ensure you succeed, so that you may provide for yourself, your family, and your community. I encourage you to become involved in clubs, organizations, student government, and service-learning opportunities so that you may make the most of your college experience. It is your responsibility to take charge of your own education, and our Student Services staff will stand by to support you as you take full13920151_294571714228826_3709190830396548352_ol advantage
 of this extraordinary place.

Best wishes for a successful year!

Victoria Retasket
Dean of Student Life

Winter 2018-2019 President's List and Dean's List

Congratulations to our students who earned high academic achievement in Winter Quarter 2018-2019. The President's List distinction is limited to students who earn a quarterly grade point average of 4.0. The Dean's List distinction is limited to students who earn a quarterly grade point average of 3.5-3.99.

President's List

Heaven Arbuckle
Raymond Ballew
Dennis Beresford
Thomas Bettles
David Boehme
Angela Boyd
Anna Brendible
Mary Brewer
Jason Brockie
Tamara Brooks
Cassandra Cole
Dean Dan
Ramius Davis
Tracy Deardorff
Byron Dick
Tyrone Dorris
Leilani Feliciano
Chanelle FiveThunders
Alicia Fulton
Autumn Gobert-Rios
Melissa Gobin
Lapit Greene
Michael Greene
Quinna Hamby
Zachary Harris
Katherine Heyward
Robin Houtz
Michael Howling Wolf
Alisha Jefferson
Avery Jones
Lakota Jones
Annice Kaubin
Vanessa Kelsey
Tammy King
David Kotell
Kenwa Kravitz
Jennifer Martin
Susan Martin
Mariya Mathias
Kearsten McCoy
Kayle Mckenzie
Melvin Miles
Calvin Miller
Mikale Milne
Deborah Monahan
Chandra Norton
Maurita Oatman
Toniqua Parker
Jandy Pierre
Mikaela Ponca-Montoya
Malissa Purser
Santana Rabang
Stewart Roberts
Catalina Sanchez
Laramie Scott
Hamilton Seymour
Denise Willup
Jennifer Willup
William Wilson
Keeyana Yellowman

Dean's List

Talon Arbuckle
Shayna Bagley
Pamela Beans
Ezra Broncheau
Frank Burns
Anthony Capetillo
Zanetta Cayou
Heather Clark
Ryawn Cline
Michael Cole
Karlee Cooper
Lewis Coulliette
Manuel De La Rosa
Darcy Egan
Nikesa Ellenwood
Nora Erevia
Bonnie Follestad
Jessyca Fryberg
Roselle Fryberg
Priscilla George
Natosha Gobin
Karleigh Gomez
Solo Greene
Uriah Guillory
Mary Hanna
Dominic Higheagle
Nico Higheagle
Jason Holt
Bronson Hooper
Jessica Jack
Shawaan Jackson-Gamble
Jonathan Jefferson
Tia Jim-Wood
Treiza Jones
Kealoha Kalama
Camellia Keller
Mercy Kravitz
Jacinda Lawrence
Samuel Marqueda-Lamebull
Donald McCluskey
Maritza Munoz
Ebony Neal
Richard Ogle
Sadie Olsen
Stanley Parker
Lucas Penney
Ashton Picard
Christonda Rios
Christopher Ross
Lori Simonson
Queena Sneatlum
Brandy Solomon
Dana Sotomish
Ariana Stevens
Victoria Strombeck
Bethany Swift
Kyle Tabor-Cooper
Elizabeth Townsend
Marlene Umtuch
Timothy Vasquez-Ollinger
Lindy Warden
Veronica Washington
Candace Wells
Layla Westendorf
Terry Williams
Danayle Wilson
Derek Wilson
Tamisha Yazzie

Student Life at NWIC

At Northwest Indian College the student body is a diverse group. The average student is a 29-year-old female with at least one dependent. However, increasing numbers of traditional college age students are enrolling right out of high school. Over 75 percent of our students come from a federally-recognized Indian tribe and we represent over 90 different tribal nations. Northwest Indian College proudly serves over 1,100 students annually.

Our student clubs consist of interest groups from Media, Art, Rockets, Grad School, and Pow Wow to Nationally recognized organizations such as AISES and AIBL, which allow our students opportunity for life experiences not found in a book or in the classroom. Students have the option to work within the communities in which they learn, and give back to their people in various ways.  

We are honored to serve the students, who represent their families and their tribes when they walk through our doors.

2016-2017 Student Handbook

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