Testing and Placement Center

Testing is now available remotely via Zoom. Please email testing@nwic.edu at least 1 day prior to to get an appointment scheduled. 

Testing and Placement

Are you a new student that needs to complete placement testing in order to register?  All new students attending NWIC are required to complete the a placement test in order to assist in the selection of courses appropriate to the student’s academic ability.  Northwest Indian College uses the Accuplacer test. The Accuplacer test is untimed and is not pass/fail. It is a tool to help you and your advisor select the right classes for you to be successful.

You will receive your test results immediately after you finish testing. Your results will include information about your English and math placement. For most students, your next step after testing is to meet with an advisor and select classes.

The results of the Accuplacer placement test also assist student advisors in the selection of courses appropriate to the student’s academic ability.

The Testing Center at Northwest Indian College provides all incoming students with placement exams as well as offering placement services to the general public. The Testing Center is located in the Center for Student Success, Building #17, on Northwest Indian College’s main campus in Bellingham WA. 

For more information, please contact the Testing Center by emailing testing@nwic.edu

If you are running late or need to reschedule your appointment please contact the testing center via telephone or email to inform the Testing Center Staff. Any appointments that are more than 15 minutes late are considered forfeited. 

Adult Basic Education/GED

To learn more about Adult Basic Education and preparing for the GED, contact instructor at Khumphreys@nwic.edu 360-390-4262 or stop by the Learning Assistance Center (Bldg. 3) on the Lummi Campus. For more information about the GED test or if you believe you would benefit from testing accommodations please visit:  https://www.sbctc.edu/becoming-a-student/basic-education/ged-students.aspx

Please note that GED test scheduling and payment is no longer handled through Northwest Indian College.  For more GED Information please visit https://ged.com/. You can find further information through the GED portal once you create a profile at https://ged.com/. Northwest Indian College no longer has access to student GED files. Please direct questions regarding transcripts and copies of certificates to the following link.Third party inquiries please follow this link to confirm a students GED standing.

Cost and Payment Options

Students wishing to take an Accuplacer test to apply for Admission at Northwest Indian College are not charged a fee.

Students wishing to take an Accuplacer test for another institution are more than welcome to do so at NWIC. Be sure to make your remote testing appointment through your host institution and contact NWIC to make your appointment. There is a $35.00 fee.

Payable in the NWIC accounting office located in building 9 with cash, check, or card. Card payments may be called in at (360) 676-2772 and asking for accounting.

Once you have completed your placement test, scores are available immediately. These scores will be shared with your academic advisor, so that they may assist you in choosing appropriate math and English courses.