How to Prepare for Advisor Meeting?

Students Need To:

  1. Be prepared to discuss your goals and educational plan during an appointment by gathering relevant information before you arrive.
  2. Come prepared to advising appointments with tentative course choices according to your degree program (be aware of course prerequisites).
  3. Keep your advisor informed of changes to your educational and career goals.
  4. Ask questions if something is not clear during the advising session.
  5. Be open and willing to consider advice given during the session.
  6. Accept responsibility for decisions made during the advising process.
  7. Schedule and keep appointments with your academic advisor – remember to plan ahead and schedule your appointments in advance of peak busy times.
  8. Become knowledgeable of campus policies, procedures, academic calendar deadlines, and resources.
  9. Inform your instructors and/or advisor when something disrupts your ability to attend classes or interferes with your academic performance.
  10. Regularly check your NWIC email account for important messages.