Student Educational Plan

What Is an Education Plan?

An Education Plan outlines a list of all courses a student needs to satisfactorily complete in order to earn their certificate or degree.  The list of courses will be outlined into quarter units so that a student will know exactly what courses to register for each quarter.

What Is The Purpose Of Creating An Education Plan?

  • Saves time and money.
  • Informs students of exactly what courses they need to register for each quarter.
  • Presents students with clearer pathways to completing their academic and career goals.

Who Needs To Create An Education Plan?

  • All students need to make an educational plan that reflects what their goals are for attending Northwest Indian College.
  • While NWIC strongly recommends the student and an Advisor create the Education Plan as part of the initial advising and registration process during the student’s first quarter of attendance at NWIC, an Education Plan may be created and revised by any student and an Advisor (Faculty or Academic) at any time.

Some students have specific goals while others only have a vague idea about why they are attending college. Even if a student wants to take time to explore majors by taking a variety of courses, they need to make a tentative plan outlining the English, math and general education courses they need to complete their goals.

**Remember, student education plans are not etched in stone; they can be changed or modified as goals change. Please also keep in mind that excessive changes in academic and certificate programs may result in students earning unnecessary course credits resulting in increased costs of both time and money to the student.