Digital Storytelling

What is Digital Storytelling?

Storytelling is nothing new.  People have always communicated their experiences and ideas with each others through stories.  What digital storytelling does is capture these stories in digital media so that they can be preserved for the future and shared with others.  Digital storytelling can take on many forms including blogs, audio podcasts, image slideshows, and digital movies.  By taking advantage of the opportunities that digital media provides, individuals are able to capture and share the stories and experiences that exist in all of our lives.

Why is it important for Service Learning?

Digital Storytelling is important for Service Learning projects because it allows for students to capture and share their experiences in a rich and meaningful way that can be easily shared with others.  Creating a digital storytelling project also has educational benefits for the student.  It requires students to reflect on their experiences and communicate them with others, thus increasing their own knowledge and understanding of their service learning experience.  Not only are they contributing to their own learning, but by sharing their service learning experiences with others through digital stories, they are helping to teach to others what they have learned. 

Digital Storytelling Links and Resources