AR Hold Assistance

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Northwest Indian College offers assistance for students with past debt that prevents them for registering for classes. Below is a list of options of assistance. A student may only utilize ONE of these options ONE TIME. Please be sure to read all requirements on the applications.

AR Hold Scholarship

The AR Hold Scholarship is intended for students who want to continue or re-enter a program of study at Northwest Indian College but have past debt preventing registration. This scholarship is offered so that a student can register, attend classes and get back into good academic standing to complete their degree or certificate. There is limited funding so this will be available on a “first come, first serve” basis.


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AR Hold Waiver

The purpose of this AR hold application is to engage former NWIC students who are currently unable to register for classes due to having a balance over $500. An AR hold is placed on a student’s account when the account balance exceeds $499. The goal is to allow students to register for classes by reducing a student’s account balance to $499, thus removing the AR hold. If awarded a waiver, students are still responsible for the remaining $499 balance as well as any new charges.

Eligibility Criteria
• Currently have an AR hold
• Must not yet have earned a four-year degree at NWIC
• Must be an enrolled tribal member or first-generation descendent of a federally recognized tribal member
Required Documentation:
 Completed AR Hold Waiver Application
 Must have attached copy of Financial Aid Award Letter
 Must attach proof of Tribal Higher Education application
 Must attach proof of one internal scholarship application (NWIC Foundation Scholarships)
 Must attach proof of one external scholarship application (AICF, AIS, etc.)

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