Downloadable Financial Aid Forms

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The forms below can be downloaded and submitted to if required. If you are looking for verification forms, please send us an email so that we can confirm the correct form you need to submit. Please read all the information provided on the form before submitting.

Appeal for Reinstatement

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Students have the right to appeal for a change in their financial aid eligibility status if their failure to maintain satisfactory progress was due to extraordinary circumstances (death in the family, severe illness, house fire, etc.). Documentation is required. The Director of Financial Aid reviews appeals. All decisions made are final and cannot be appealed further

Authorization for Use of Title IV Funds

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Northwest Indian College is authorized by Federal regulations to use Title IV (Pell, FSEOG) funds to pay your tuition and fees directly. To use Title IV funds to pay for other educationally related expenses billed to your student account (books, Early Learning Center charges, etc.), Northwest Indian College must obtain authorization from you to perform the following:
• Title IV funds may be used to pay for educationally related expenses billed to your student account such as (but not limited to): dorm rent, library and related fines, institutional child care expenses, book charges.
• Title IV funds may be applied to previous year charges up to $200
• Excess Title IV funds may be held as a balance on your student account to pay for future quarter expenses.

Budget Modification Request

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Please keep in mind that this is not a request for additional funding, but for an increase to your unmet need, potentially allowing you to seek additional scholarships or work study funds. Some consideration to your budget needs may have already been made in the budget process and this request is only for funds in addition to your current budget. Any new budget adjustments will be indicated to you in via email.

Change of Circumstance

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Special circumstances can refer to any financial situation that is not addressed in the application process. The following list includes common special circumstances in which professional judgment may apply. Keep in mind that financial aid administrators are not limited to these instances, nor are they required to use professional judgment for these instances.
• Loss or reduction of employment, wages, or unemployment compensation
• Tuition expenses at an elementary or secondary school
• Additional costs incurred as a result of a student’s disability
• Parent enrolled in college
• Medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance
• Unusually high child care costs
• Bankruptcy or foreclosure

Dependent Care Worksheet

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If you have additional expenses related to dependent care, you can complete this form to have them added into your budget.

Financial Aid Data Sheet

We encourage you to submit this form on JICS for easier processing. It is located under Financial Aid’s Online Forms. However, if you are unable to, you may download this form below.

Download form here

Use this form to release information to a third party to select a directive for state aid disbursement. Please make sure to review the conditions of award on the back.