Emergency Aid

Don’t forget to apply for Financial Aid at studentaid.gov!

Northwest Indian College offers emergency assistance for students. This assistance is only to be used if the financial emergency would prevent the student from continuing enrollment at Northwest Indian College. This could be related to housing, childcare, meals, transportation costs, etc. The Financial Aid office offers two different kinds of emergency assistance.

Both sources have limited funding and eligibility requirements.

Dreamkeepers Emergency Aid

1. Dreamkeepers Emergency Aid – Apply at https://nwic.dreamkeepers.org

This fund CAN:

Be used towards third parties (such as landlords, utility companies, auto repair shops, childcare etc.),
Be used towards student’s dorm and meal charges, Kwina Housing, or NWIC ELC charges,
Be awarded in the form of a Fred Meyer gift card for food and gas*
And is only awarded at a maximum of $1,000 per academic year

This fund CANNOT:

Be used towards tuition and fees.
Be paid directly to student

*Gift cards are not currently being provided during the COVID-19 related closure due to shelter in place and social distancing orders.

Foundation Emergency Assistance Scholarship

Download form to apply

This fund CAN:

  • Be applied to any charges on the student’s account, or given directly to the student via a check. 
  • And is only awarded at a maximum of $500 per academic year

The student MUST participate in at least one fundraising activity to be scheduled with the Foundation & Development office. They can be contacted at foundation@nwic.edu.