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There are many scholarships available to students. The NWIC Financial Aid office will send announcements of any new or available scholarships to all students through their NWIC student email address. We have listed some scholarships below. Make sure to contact your tribe’s Higher Education department for scholarship opportunities. Please click the drop-downs for more information on the scholarships below.

NWIC American Indian Entrepreneurship Scholarship

This is merit-based scholarship with preference given to those with unmet financial need, supported by the Johnson Foundation, aims to support Native students who are pursuing a program of study including a substantial entrepreneurship component.

Please contact the Tribal Governance and Business Management department

NWIC Foundation Lummi High School Graduate Scholarship

The NWICF Lummi High School Graduate Scholarship is intended for students that are Lummi Tribal Members who graduated from Lummi High School and want to pursue and complete a program of study at Northwest Indian College.

Download application here

NWIC Foundation Scholarships

Northwest Indian College’s Foundation and Development Office offers a variety of scholarships to assist students.

Please visit Financial Aid on your JICS portal at for current scholarships available. They will be listed under Online Forms.

NWIC S-STEM Scholarship

This scholarship, funded through the National Science Foundation, is intended to support Indigenous environmental scientists at Northwest Indian College through the pursuit of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Native Environmental Science. The scholarship is aimed to support student success, foster community of learners, and create opportunities for community service and outreach in STEM fields. The amount of the award will vary depending upon the number of successful applicants (with a maximum award of $10,000 per year).

Please contact the Native Environmental Science department.

American Indian College Fund

The College Fund offers a Full Circle Scholarship and a TCU Scholarship. Please click the link below for more information.

American Indian Endowed Scholarship

“The American Indian Endowed Scholarship helps financially needy students with close social and cultural ties to an in-state American Indian community pursue undergraduate and graduate studies.”

American Indian Graduate Center

AIGC provides “$15 million in scholarships annually and have awarded over $200 million since inception. For 50 years, American Indian Graduate Center and AIGCS have empowered Native students from over 500 Tribes in all 50 states.”

American Indian Science and Engineering Services

“The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) helps students move forward in their educational journeys by providing a wide range of programs and scholarship opportunities. AISES scholarships help students acquire skills and training that will help them meet the unique STEM needs of our communities. “

American Indian Services

American Indian Services’ mission “is to provide education to Native Americans in need through scholarships and programs while ensuring that their cultural values are preserved.”

Cobell Scholarship

“Both Merit-based and Need-based, the competitive Cobell Scholarship is annual, non-renewable, and available to any post-secondary (after high school) student who is; an enrolled member of a US Federally-Recognized Tribe, enrolled in full-time study and is degree-seeking. Applicants must plan to attend or be attending any nationally, regionally and industry accredited non-profit, public and private, institution.”

Lummi Higher Education Scholarship

This scholarship is intended for Lummi tribal members. or LHE’s Facebook page

Passport to College Promise Scholarship

“The Passport to College Promise Scholarship pathway will give you a scholarship that helps with the cost of earning a college certificate or degree (tuition, fees, books, housing, transportation, and some personal expenses), support services from college staff, and priority consideration for the Washington College Grant and Washington State Work Study programs.”

Please also contact our office.

The WashBoard Scholarship Search Engine

This is a scholarship search engine for Washington state students

Washington Indian Gaming Scholarship

“The Washington Indian Gaming Association (WIGA) is a non-profit organization of tribal government leaders of federally recognized Tribes in the state of Washington. As a trade organization, WIGA’s purpose is to educate and disseminate information to the Indian gaming community, federal and state governments, and the general public on issues related to gaming in Indian Country.”

WECU Scholarship

The Whatcom Educational Credit Union (WECU) of Whatcom County established a $1000 scholarship for four Northwest Indian College students who are members of WECU.

Please contact our office for more information.