VA Benefits

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Northwest Indian College offers degree programs approved by the Washington State Approving Agency for enrolling eligible students under the Veterans Administration (VA) Education Benefit programs. Eligible veterans or dependents that plan to apply should visit to begin the process. New students should contact the certifying official as early as possible before enrolling. A certified copy of a registered original or copy #4 of the form DD-214 is required for application. Other requirements may apply depending on the Chapter of benefits under which the student is eligible.

Certification for VA benefits will occur upon acceptance to a VA approved degree or certificate program and when all pertinent documents are on file. A student can only be certified for courses applicable to the degree program. VA benefit recipients are required to maintain adequate progress and to report any change in degree program, credit load or marital or family status if applicable.

Monthly progress reports by telephone to the VA are the responsibility of the student. Failure to comply with VA regulations may result in termination from the VA educational benefit program or repayment of benefits.

VA Standards of Progress
A veteran under VA educational benefits is required to make satisfactory progress towards completion of an approved educational program he/she has selected. To remain in good standing a full-time student must complete a minimum of 12 credits per quarter with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 (C). Credit Completion Standards for students enrolled for less than 12 credits will be based on prorating of full-time standards.

VA Probation
Veterans under VA educational benefits who fail to maintain satisfactory progress as outlined above but who have completed at least one-half of the standard credit load will be placed on probation for the following quarter.

VA Termination
A veterans benefit recipient who fails to complete at least one-half of their required credits in any given quarter will be terminated from aid. Students placed on probation for a second quarter in an academic year will have their VA benefits terminated. A student who has been terminated may petition to the VA for reinstatement if failure to maintain satisfactory progress was due to extraordinary circumstances.

Contact Enrollment Services if you are seeking VA benefits: