TVR Institute Enrollment

Enrollment Steps

Please read and follow all directions carefully.
  1. Look at the Course Schedule, and find the class you wish to take. We strongly recommend taking only one course per quarter, especially if it’s your first quarter taking classes.
  2. If you are a new student, fill out the online Admissions Application.
  • When prompted, select “Lummi” for Campus Location, “Non-program” for Enrollment Classification, and “Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation” for Program of Study.
  • If you’d prefer, you can fill out the paper version of the Admissions Application and send it directly to the Admissions department.
  • If you have difficulties filling out the form, or do not have a copy of your High School Diploma or GED, please contact Admissions at 360-392-4269 and they will assist you.

     3. Fill out a Registration form.

     4. Submit a copy of at least one of the following. Please ensure that the copy you send is legible, especially the enrollment number!

     5. Read and sign the Student Agreement form.

     6. Read and sign the FERPA form. Please include your supervisor’s name in the box! 

     7. Please scan and email these to our Participant Coordinator, McKenzie Tham, on or before the deadline listed to the right.

     8. Determine if you will need to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships may be available if your supervisor or program director has determined that your program is experiencing financial hardship, and does not have funds available to pay for staff development. You will need to submit a new scholarship request each quarter. Please note that if a student receives a scholarship they are expected to fully participate in and complete the class. Not doing so will affect the possibility of future scholarships. Contact McKenzie Tham for more details.

     9. If funds are available, arrange for payment of tuition and fees, which you are responsible for even if you withdraw from classes.


  • For-credit courses cost $148.12 per credit at the resident rate
    • One 3-credit course costs $444.36
    • Two 3-credit courses costs $888.72
  • For-credit courses cost $355.35 per credit at the non-resident rate

      Fees (for-credit courses only):

  • Non-refundable enrollment fee: $35.00
  • Technology fee: $50.00
  • If taking six or more credits:
    • Activity fee: $20.00
  • Late registration fee: $35.00
  • For more information on tuition and fees, please view the Northwest Indian College 2019-2021 Catalog.

10. If you decide to withdraw from a class before the end of the quarter, please fill out the Add Drop Form and submit it to the Participant Coordinator before the quarter withdrawal date.

*As Northwest Indian College is a tribal college, it is necessary to have these documents in order to complete the registration process. 

Please note: if this is not your first quarter enrolling in a TVR Institute course, you do not need to re-submit all of the above documents. Please just submit a new registration form with the course(s) you wish to take each quarter.

Important Dates

Registration Due

Fall 2020: August 28, 2020

Winter 2021: December 18, 2020