TVR Institute Technical Assistance

TVR Institute Technical Assistance

TVR Institute Technical Assistance (TA) is about helping Institute participants with the APPLICATION of knowledge and skills learned through Institute classes. When students have an issue with providing services we want to give them additional information they need outside of class to feel comfortable providing TVR services. We also wish to support students by creating a framework for a Community of Practice where students can help, support and even teach each other.

TA topics and services will be documented and those that come up repeatedly on the forum will be incorporated into new or current classes.

Who is eligible for Institute TA?

  • Institute graduates
  • Current students
  • Those who have taken one or more class with the Institute, credit or non-credit (CEU)

What are Institute TA activities?

  • One-on-One Technical Assistance
  • Graduates and students can call or write the Institute to ask questions about applying the knowledge and skills that they gained in class to their work. TA will be provided over the phone, via email, or primarily, via the TVR Institute Technical Assistance Forum in Canvas. Depending on the situation, TA may also be provided onsite at the student’s program office.
  • There are two Institute staff who will be assisting students with their technical assistance questions:
    • Laura Maudsley, Institute Director. For 12+ years, Laura worked as a VRC and later, program director, for three TVR programs in Western Washington. She can be reached at or 360-255-4431.
    • Donna Adamson, Training Specialist and Instructor. Donna worked at the Samish Nation VR program as a counselor and director for over 8 years. You can reach her at or 360-855-5305.
  • Students will be referred to relevant class(es) if they haven’t taken them yet, but TA services will be provided to help the student get through the current situation they need assistance with.
  • Community of Practice (CoP)
    • A Community of Practice is a community of colleagues working together to share ideas, methods, and support.
    • Since the Institute operates within a sharing culture, we feel it is important to give participants an opportunity to communicate with, support and problem-solve with each other.

What are Community of Practice activities?

  • A forum for people to ask questions related to providing program services to other participants. The forum is located on the discussion board in the TVR Technical Assistance Forum (←make hyperlink).
    • The forum for the CoP will be moderated by Institute staff and a TVR program director, to ensure that questions are getting answered accurately and appropriately.
    • Guidelines and “Ground rules” guide posting and discussions on the forum. Participants are asked to eliminate all identifying characteristics when describing a particular case or situation.
  • A Participant Success Stories Sharing Board, where participants are encouraged to post participant success stories to share with and inspire their peers.
  • The Institute now offers “Coffee Breaks.” These events will take place in GoToTraining (accessed through the TA Forum in Canvas). A guest speaker will present or discuss a TVR-related topic and be available for questions or comments. Following this, there will be time for participants to talk together and discuss TVR issues.
  • The Coffee Breaks will be recorded and archived, and materials presented and discussed will be available. Content may also be used in current or future classes.
  • Topics, dates and times of Coffee Breaks will be announced via newsletters sent out by the TVR Institute Participant Coordinator.